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Performance Monitoring

Solagen will constantly monitor
all systems connected to Sentient
for operational and performance
defects such as battery
performance, radar performance,
light levels and status.

The customer will also be aware
of malfunctions by accessing
Sentient via their pc and reviewing
the statusof any system.


Features such as online
programming, sign activation, sign
de-activation, radar speed
threshold settings, and detection
distance (SAS only), are all
available to clients for
customisation and experimentation
to optimise the impact of their
Data Capture and Retrieval

Sentient equipped VAS signs will
automatically record traffic flow,
vehicle speed with stamped time
and date; accessible via Solagen's

Customers will have the flexibility
to retrieve specific daily, weekly
and monthly data; and will also be
able to customise and manipulate
the data for optimal presentation.