Advanced Warning
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Advanced Warning

Rural Intersection Advanced Warning System (RIAWS)

Of course, all of the Solagen Warning signs could be classed as Advance warning signs, as they alert the driver to a particular hazard or changed road condition ahead. But where there is only a hazard when other road users are present, sometimes there is a need for a vehicle on an adjoining road to trigger the sign.

For example, on the New England Hwy, the Solagen VAS utilise RF Links to alert the drivers of an intersection ahead. The two LED W2-1 crossroad signs are illuminated for both directions of traffic, only if there is a vehicle approaching the intersection from either of the adjoining streets. Where there is no side traffic present, there is no necessity to illuminate the signs.


Australian owned and operated, Pioneerz Safety Pty Ltd are at the forefront of Solar powered LED signage in Australia. Pioneerz Safety are the sole Australian distributor for Solagen Ltd.

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