Conspicuity – Dual Flash
Dual Flash IQ Evolution™ / IQ200™

Incorporating an innovative, patented combination of solar and LED technology, the Solagen Dual Flash IQ Conspicuity unit is a new cost effective way to highlight hazards, such as school crossing points.

Built to ISO 9001 industrial quality controls, the unit is designed to be permanently installed on a post or a sign. Extremely robust and completely self-contained, the Solagen Dual Flash IQ can be installed in minutes. It requires no expensive trenching, cabling or electrical connection.

The Dual flash IQ is quick and simple to programme. It enables you to set up the runtime sequence at various times per day, for 3 years in advance. Programming takes less than a minute. This can also be controlled and monitored remotely through the Sentient system.

All these features provide considerable cost savings for road safety improvements that were not previously possible.

These Dual Flash IQ have also been utilised in areas where wildlife is at risk. See Wildlife Signs

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