Warning Signs

Using unique Solagen Technology, these Vehicle Activated Signs use LED lighting to increase driver awareness at hazardous “black spots”. The sign is activated by vehicles that are travelling too fast for the road conditions ahead, so it highlights the hazard to the ‘at risk’ driver and helps reduce accidents.
The Solagen VAS have TFNSW ITS Approval

SAS/VAS 600/750™
Warning Signs come in Size A (600) and B (750) and have various optional activation types to cover a wide range of conditions.

SAS/VAS Radar Activated
Detects all vehicles, but only illuminates for vehicles over a set speed threshold.

SAS/VAS Type T Timer Activated
When timer activated, the sign can be programmed to stay illuminated during certain times (such as school zone times).
Using proprietary software running sequences can be easily programmed for up to 3 years in advance.

Timer and Radar
Alternatively, both timer and radar activation can be combined: the radar will trigger the sign only within the hours set. Ideal for use at school or wildlife zones where speed reduction is necessary during certain times.

SAS/VAS Environmentally Activated
The warning signs can also be used with a Wet Weather sensor or ice detection risk options. They will activate at a secondary, lower threshold in adverse conditions, where drivers are at increased risk of accidents. For further information click here.

RF Link
SAS/VAS Warning Signs can also be activated via RF link, via alternative sensors. In this situation vehicles will activate warnings for other road users to warn of their presence. These are ideal for use on approaches to blind junctions, approaches to crossroads; or areas where slow vehicles emerge, for example.

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