Speed Signs
SAS/VAS 600/750™/900

Speed signs come in size B (600), Size C (900) and we also offer an intermediate 750 size option to cover a wide range of road conditions.

Solagen’s Vehicle/Speed Radar Activated LED Solar Powered signs are slim line in design and use cutting edge technology for ultra reliability. The signs are fitted with a photo sensor which instantly self adjusts the LED’s output according to the ambient light levels. This microprocessor controlled device enables ultimate sign performance under all weather conditions.

It comes with anti-theft fittings for added security. It also has self-cleaning properties and requires no maintenance. Whilst the system has minimal environmental impact, it has an impressive effect when activated. Utilising the very latest generation of LED’s, which have an expected life of 100,000 hours (27 years at 10 hours a day).

All the components are housed in the base of the post, with no unsightly cables and boxes on display, so the signs not only look great, but they are also easy to install and have additional vandal resistance.

All speed limits are available. They are also available with or without SLOW DOWN messages. Interlaced options are also available for areas such as school zones, where the speed limit needs to alter at various times.

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